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Executive Director's Letter

                                      On A Positive Note….

                                      I’m sure you all know that the Roswell Chamber of Commerce is proud to have a
                                      couple of Roswell’s greatest organizations under their wing. These organizations are
                                      Leadership Roswell and the Roswell Chamber of Commerce Redcoats.

                                      I would like to take a few minutes to talk about them both and the folks who make them
                                      happen!  We take great pride in both groups.  They function and have functioned for
                                      many years, thanks to some of Roswell’s finest community leaders!

                                      Take Leadership Roswell, for example, not only is it one of the most amazing Leadership
                                      training/programs in Southeast NM, but it is the longest running Leadership program in
                                      New Mexico! WOW!!  And here’s the kicker, the Executive Director of the program, Mr.

        Candace Lewis                 Rick Kraft, has volunteered, or should I say dedicated his precious time, the last 27 years
        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR            to build leaders in our community.  891 students have graduated through the program
                                      over the last 35 years!  Rick does an amazing job, and he has an amazing team working
        behind him as well, making arrangements with the monthly classes, scheduling speakers, catering lunches, following up
        with the class, sending out email reminders and so much more.  And, YES, they are all volunteers too.  If you are interested
        in learning more about Roswell and all the great things that happen here and meeting the people who are making a
        difference in our community, then this is the class for you!  If you are interested in the program, please reach out to me and
        I would love to visit with you about it.  The deadline for the next class is coming up fast, so act now!  The applications are
        available online at, or you can come by the Roswell Chamber office and pick one up.

        The other program that we have here at the Roswell Chamber is one most of you are familiar with.  They are the lovely
        folks in the Redcoats who are typically the first faces you see at any Grand Opening, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony hosted by
        new businesses that come to Roswell.

        Again, this organization is made up of some of Roswell’s finest community leaders and again they all volunteer their
        time to attend these functions for our new businesses coming into Roswell.  We have just recently made some changes
        to this group, so each Redcoat can now volunteer and attend these events with no hassles of dealing with day-to-day
        administrative duties, such as calendar updates, point tracking, event planning, and so much more that takes up their
        time which, at times, took the fun out of being a Redcoat!   Well, we can’t have that!   The Chamber has decided to take on
        administrative Redcoat duties and disband the board (it’s not as bad as it sounds; in fact, the Redcoats are all ecstatic about
        it!!)  Now, they can spend their time doing what they do best, BEING A REDCOAT!!

        If you would like to meet new people, be in the know of new businesses coming to town, support and encourage the growth
        of Roswell, and attend fun social events, then being a Redcoat would be a perfect fit for you!

        Again, if you would like more information on either one of these awesome programs, I would love to sit down and visit with
        you more about them.  These are fabulous programs to enrich yourself, your family, and your co-workers.  Take a big step in
        making Roswell Great by getting involved!

        Candace Lewis

        Candace Lewis
        Executive Director, The Roswell Chamber of Commerce

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