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January's Business of the Month


                                                               various stakeholders are confident that WESST is a trustworthy
                                                               organization making an economic impact in New Mexico.

                                                               WESSTs mission is to be a home to entrepreneurs. We
                                                               provide a support system of bilingual consulting, training
                                                               (both day and night classes available) and microlending
                                                               to help clients successfully strengthen and grow their
                                                               businesses through sustainable sales, financial knowledge
                                                               and job creation.


                                                               WESSTs vision is to provide sustainable economic
                                                               opportunities for any New Mexican. We want to be a
                                                               trusted part of every business owner's life, every day, with
                                                               something we have given them, taught them or inspired
                                                               them to do.

        Rhonda Johnson – Regional Manager and                  In short form. . .
        Veronica Arias – Program Coordinator
                                                               WESST is a home for entrepreneurs, founded 28 years ago
        CORE VALUES                                            by women for women. As a non-profit, we offer consulting,
                                                               training, and lending to anyone with the passion to start or
        •  Innovation
                                                               grow a business. Our committed team nurtures thousands
        WESST values, above all, our ability to serve our clients by   of clients each year across the state of New Mexico to help
        constantly adapting program services so that client needs   them build strong and sustainable businesses that support
        are effectively met in a constantly changing marketplace.  their families and communities throughout our state..
                                                               We have six offices-Farmington, Las Cruces, Roswell, Rio
        •  Integrity
                                                               Rancho, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. The Roswell office
        WESST is committed to the highest standards of ethics,   serves Chaves, Curry, DeBaca, Eddy, Lea, Lincoln and
        honesty and mutual respect in our internal and external   Roosevelt counties.
                                                               Rhonda B Johnson, Regional Manager, has been with
        •  Quality and Excellence                              WESST since October 2014 and Veronica Arias, Program
                                                               Coordinator, has been with WESST since February 2015.
        WESST strives for superior performance in our
                                                               Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 to
        communications, standards, processes, leadership,
                                                               5:00 pm, with after-hours appointments available upon
        planning, programming and execution.
                                                               request. We are located in Sunwest Centre at 500 N. Main
        •  Accountability                                      Street, Suite 700.

        WESST is committed to doing what we say will do so our

                                                                   (575) 623-5695   •   WWW.R OSWELLNM. OR G     •     7
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