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                                                               Business of the Month


                                                               Names left to right: Del Carmona, Amber Rutledge, Tracy Cooper,
                                                               John Parker, Danny Stewart and Jessica Parker
                                                               Not Pictured: Mike Molgaard and Mike Cooper

                                                               For over 30 years, we have been the largest Canon and
                                                               Sharp dealer in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. We
                                                               opened in Roswell 12 years ago and since then have grown
                                                               with the help of the community. We offer more than office
                                                               machines, we have furniture and office supplies also. If we
                                                               don’t have it today, we can get it to you within days.
         Helping Your Baby Grow & Develop
         to Their Fullest Potential                            Stop by and see them today at 321 N. Main St or
                                                               call 575-623-1206.
         Get a FREE SCREENING or evaluation today!
               NM Children Birth to Age Three

             Early Childhood Development Services
          • Physical Therapy
          • Occupational Therapy
                                     Schedule an
          • Speech Therapy           appointment
          • Special Instruction
          • Family Therapy           TODAY!
          • Social Work
          • Family Service Coordination
          • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Support Team
            Services & Support

             For more information or to schedule
            an appointment, call (575) 623-2615.
  •  1415 W. 2nd St. Roswell, NM 88201

                                                                   (575) 623-5695   •   WWW.R OSWELLNM. OR G     •     7
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