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Executive Director's Letter

                                       HAPPY 2018!!!!

                                       Here we are again, another fabulous trip around the sun has begun!!

                                       New Year, New Opportunities, New Goals, New Dreams!

                                       What are you going to do with this fresh new year? Go on more trips? Be more
                                       frugal? Start an exercise regimen? Read more; social media less? Whatever you
                                       do, I hope you succeed and you get everything you ask for and dream of in 2018.

                                       This is the ultimate time of year for a Procrastinator... HAHA!! All the time, they
                                       say I’ll wait for Monday, the beginning of the month, before you know it, it’s
                                       the first of the year, AGAIN!!! Are any of those goals reached?? I’m going to go
        Candace Lewis                  with the logical and straight forward answer, NO. I can relate because I am one,
                                       a procrastinator that is. It is a work in progress and it’s constantly on my mind.
        However, I am making progress; and I’m looking forward to creating new goals for 2018, sticking with them, and
        knocking them out of the 2018 park come this time next year! Can you imagine that feeling? Can you imagine the
        feeling of accomplishment we’ll feel when we save $1000 or lose 20lbs? However, I do think sometimes we get so
        caught up in everyday life that we don’t really celebrate the little accomplishments. We just roll onto the next one...
        we need to stop...celebrate each and every day that weare alive, after all, isn’t that worth celebrating in itself? You
        bet it is!!

        The Chamber has set some lofty goals this year and we aim to meet them. We start by coming in everyday and
        loving what we do, working for our community and for the greater good. We start off this year with our annual
        trip to Santa Fe for a dual event, AgFest and the Legislative Reception during the first two weeks of the 2018 30-
        day legislative session. These are events where the Chamber and its affiliate organizations, Leadership Roswell
        and the Roswell Chamber Redcoats, attend and represent Roswell and celebrate the diversification of businesses
        that make Roswell so great. After getting back from Santa Fe, we start working on our Annual Rise with Roswell
        Agricultural Breakfast. We have set the bar high for this year, and I am super excited to announce that we have
        already confirmed our guest speaker. Of course, I won’t spill the beans yet, so you must be patient and watch for
        the press release that may or may not be somewhere in this month’s Chamber Connection. Trust me when I say,
        stay tuned. We have some much-anticipated events coming up and some awesome changes that I think you will be
        thrilled about—I know we are!!

        So, here’s to 2018. May it be your best year ever! As C.S. Lewis stated, “There are far better things ahead than any
        we leave behind.”


        Candace Lewis

        Candace Lewis
        Executive Director, The Roswell Chamber of Commerce

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