Page 9 - Roswell Chamber of Commerce - January 2018
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A quick note from                        Happy 2018! The holidays have past and the New Year is upon us. I’m

                                                  excited about all the great things the chamber will be doing in 2018.
         the Administrative                       Change is a good thing for everyone. We have some very exciting new

         Director Liz Taylor:                     things to bring you in this new year. Our new billing system in Chamber

                                                  Master will make it easier for us and you our members. We will be able
                                                  to send your invoice straight to your email and you will be able to pay

                                                  your invoice from that email. We will also be working on launching our
                                                  new mass email software through Chamber Master. This program will
                                                  allow us to send you your membership letters, renewal letters, and

                                                  weekly emails that allow us to keep everyone informed on all the great
                                                  events the chamber is bringing you.

                                                  I want to say, "thank you" to all our members, board of directors, and
                                                  chamber staff for making this first year of mine here at the chamber an

                                                  amazing experience. I look forward to many more with all of you and
                                                  can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store.

                                                                   (575) 623-5695   •   WWW.R OSWELLNM. OR G     •     9
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